Secretary of Melitopol City Council commended the work of his team «solid triple» | NEWS 24
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Secretary of Melitopol City Council commended the work of his team «solid triple»

cr5IEX8r7bJune 23 in Melitopol city executive committee after the information meeting and an extraordinary meeting of the Executive Committee of the City Council Secretary Sergey Minko held a press conference with journalists.

Reported the press-center of Melitopol City Council (Zaporizhia region).

Responding to questions from the media, Sergey Minko told about solving urgent problems of the city, in particular, the staffing of transport and communication, and an internship at the new Deputy Mayor.

— First of all, everything depends on the footage. Negotiate, use all available resources in order to «build» the transport sector. The task before them is very difficult. Difficult to find competent professionals who would not break on the job and could really express yourself and do something useful for the city. The problem of transport and passenger and goes outside the city of Melitopol. It happened so long ago — to this subject and have attention on the part of law enforcement agencies, and from the area. So the guys that come in the transport sector, and preceded by a specific task, hampered by such «pitfalls», from which alone can not get out. Today learned all the problems and all responsibility Slyshik Alexander (now holds the position of Head of the Department of Planning and Economy utilities), I look forward to consider his vision problems on paper, pre-arranged with zamami. After that we will decide on the continuing his employment. I hope that he will succeed, we all his help in this matter, — said Sergey Minko.

Secretary of the City Council also noted with regret that today the executive authorities are reluctant to go to work and the problem of frames after financial problems and unstable political situation in third place. All who wish to constructively work for the benefit of bulk waiting in the executive committee — with a summary of the specific proposals and solutions to urban problems.

General work of his team in the past three months Sergey Minko characterized by «solid triple.» However, according to him, there are a number of issues for which a decision can be safely put an «excellent». During this period any townspeople who appealed to the authorities is not denied in addressing the problem. Everyone listened, talked with each and exchanged views, developed a common position.

— The doors of my office, if you’ve noticed, and it is always open approach not only to cabinet work, but also to the whole of life, — said Sergey Minko.




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