At gunpoint Zaporozhye GAI crossings | NEWS 24
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At gunpoint Zaporozhye GAI crossings

56501261898GfB0ITraffic police following preventive measures «Attention! Railroad crossing! «. According to the press service of the ICAA in Zaporizhia region, the main objective of the operation — improving discipline drivers and other road users while on the move of railways, including the transportation of passengers by buses.

Activities will continue until July 10. During this period, traffic police together with the owners of railway organizations will inspect for proper operating condition crossings. In particular, check the serviceability of crossing signals, operational status barriers, outdoor lighting, covering the roadway approaches to the crossings of roads, technical means of traffic, etc.

Not remain without attention and vehicle drivers.

«Level crossings are challenging elements of the road network, which require special attention and drivers obedience to the Rules of the Road» — said the head of the Department of STI Anatoliy Sirenko — «violation of basic safety rules when they travel, often lead to severe accidents consequences, so the violators will be taken strict measures to respond. «




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